Huguette Roe, freelance photographer in the DC area

I am originally from Belgium, became a citizen in 2002 and lived in the US since 1989.

My educational background is in graphic design and I have worked in the field since 1995 in the DC Metro area: For the past 30 years I have carried my camera everywhere, taking pictures is like a mission for me; I am a self-taught photographer. In 2006, I decided to commercialize it and added a branch to my graphic design business.

I am sensitive to graphic composition, repetition, color, rhythm, reflection and pattern. In the Recycle Series I photographed bales of compressed material (a difficult task to accomplish due to the strict security at the plants). Besides being very sensitive to the environmental issue, I am attracted to the intricate composition, the color and the aesthetic of compressed matter. These compressions offer an unusual view of our everyday objects, which in this phase is just tormented matter on its way to a new life, getting a new facelift. They look like abstract paintings.

In the Urban Exploration, the industry and machinery fascinate me. Exploring these abandoned sites (another difficult task to penetrate these abandonments) offers a mysterious trace of the past where we can let our imagination runs on what used to be. They have a soul and an imprint of their decay will keep some of their history in memory. Like the recycling, I grab the complex angles, graphic rhythms and patterns I can discern.